Proximus Stairs For Life

Music For Life - The Warmest Week 2019:
The end of the year is approaching, and also this year the incredible 7th floor of the Proximus U-Tower participates at "The Warmest Week" of StuBru. The fourth edition of the Proximus Stairs4Life-action has been launched! On December 17th, the Stairrun in the Proximus Towers and a small celebration will take place! 

With the benefit of the Proximus Stairs4Life-action, we will support 3 charities:
(1) VUB - Yamina Krossa Fund: After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Yamina Krossa started a campaign for the complete reimbursement of breast reconstructions with breast cancer patients in 2015. She founded the ngo Benetiet to that end. In 2016 she succeeded in her goal. Secretary of Health Maggie De Block reached a deal with plastic surgeons for breast reconstructions with body own tissue. The battle for reimbursement is thereby won, but the battle against breast cancer continues unabated. Yamina Krossa therefore made the remaining means of the dissolved ngo Benefiet available to the new VUB Fund for breast cancer research. Initially these means will be allocated to the fundamental research for a cancer vaccine by New Scientist Science Talent (2018) prof. dr. Damya Laoui. Together with her colleagues of the research group Cellular and Molecular Immunology (VUB-VIB), she aims to develop a new potential cancer therapy using so-called ‘dendritic cells’, which are part of our own immune system. They study whether endogenous cells can be injected in cancer patients to slow the growth of their tumors. This immunotherapy can save lives and has fewer side effects than current methods. Laoui hopes to bring her research to a clinical trial within the next few years where the vaccine will be tested on human patients for the first time. 
(2) MFC Merlijn vzw: a daycare for children with a complex mental- and physical disability. Merlijn supports young children from 0 to 6 years with specific needs arising from multiple disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorder, and offers intensive pedagogical, therapeutic and medical follow-up. With the funds, MFC Merlijn can acquire specific therapy tools, and toys to develop (fine) motor skills, for which their standard operating funds are often inadequate.
(3) TAJO - Talentatelier: Despite efforts, there are significant gaps in development and social vulnerability of people. To seize opportunities, young people must first get opportunities. TAJO encourages young people's motivation. The youngsters get an insight into what "later" has in store so that they better understand the importance of "doing your best for later". Youngsters between 10 and 14 years old get introduced through interactive workshops to the most diverse professions and the skills that go with them. This way, they can experience which subject areas appeal to them and they are encouraged to study in a direction that takes them further, at school and in life. In the long term, TAJO aims to give hundreds of socially vulnerable young people a perpective (motto: "You can do this too") and aims to increase their general skills in order to arm them against demotivation, early school leaving, delinquency, radicalization and youth unemployment.

What can you do?
This is a warm call to contribute as much stairsteps as possible! Each participant can be sponsored at 5€ per stairstep. Sponsor as much stairsteps as you want! You can find the list of runners here below! The sky is not the limit!